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Theory Test Training

Posted on: 18-Sep-2017 14:20:47
Theory Test Training

If you are studying for your theory test, there are a number of study guides available on the market which can help you through. However we at Mutual would recommend the Official DSA Theory Test CD. 

The CD is available online or at most good high street bookshops. You may also be able to get a discounted copy on sites such as Ebay or Amazon, however it is important to make sure that the copy you order is the most up to date version.

The Official DSA Theory Test CD is the best resource for pupils studying for their theory test. We would highly recommend this as your first choice study aid when it comes to revising for your theory test, as it contains multiple choice questions from the DSA theory test question bank, along with detailed answers and explanations for each one.

You can also practice your theory test online at the DSA's website:

This is the DSA's official site; it contains 50 questions which is the same as the real theory test, so it gives the user a realistic practice of what it is like to take your test. 

As far as the hazard perception part of your theory test goes, the AA offer a free online hazard perception practice. This follows the same format as the official hazard perception test you will take on the day. You can find this practice test here:


In any event, you will need to study hard and work on the CD and practice tests regularly in order to pass your theory test, but if you stick to your revision and work hard you should get through it at the first attempt. We wish you the very best of luck.

by Graham Michaels