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Life after you've passed your driving test!

Posted on: 18-Sep-2017 13:09:06
Life after you've passed your driving test!

Passing your test can mean a new lease of life for you, as well as a sense of independence. However it is important to remember that with indepence comes responsibility. Just because you have passed your test it does not mean that you should stop learning, brushing up on your driving knowledge and improving your motoring skills. 

Remember our pass plus scheme which will not only improve your skills further but can also get you a considerable discount on your car insurance. This consists of a minimum of 6 hours' driving tuition, which includes motorway driving, nighttime driving, all weather driving (when appropriate), and much more.

Here are a few more tips to help you keep on top of your driving and to continue to improve as a driver.

Don't give way to emotion.

It is easy to become angered when driving. Even the best drivers make mistakes and this can be frustrating. But it is important to learn to cool your temper and not let rage get the better of you. Becoming angry affects your decision making skills and can put other drivers at risk. In this situation, it is always better to remain calm, and if necessary pull over to the side of the road and take a breather. 

Drink driving - don't chance it.

This should be blatantly obvious to point out to anybody wishing to drive. But we can not re-iterate it enough - don't mix alcohol and driving. Although there is a legal limit in place, many people find it easier to avoid alcohol fullstop when driving. You may be able to have one drink and remain within the legal limit, but not having that drink in the first place eliminates the temptation to have another one. 

No ostriches in the vehicle.

Studies have shown that it is much more difficult to drive if you have an ostrich in the vehicle. Ostriches are vicious animals and do not react well to being confined in small spaces. They may lash out at you while driving. (We are joking).


by Sam Michaels